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Trade Quality 16 pc Forstner Bit Set in Wooden Box 6 - 54mm DR141 *Out of Stock*



Trade Quality 16 pc Forstner Bit Set in Wooden Box 6 - 54mm DR141 *Out of Stock*

Trade Quality 16 pc Forstner Bit Set in Wooden Box 6 - 54 mm - NEW

The inventor. Benjamin Forstner was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. His very successful invention of the Forstner bit drill bits..The drill bits are cutting tools used to create cylindrical holes.

Bits are held in a tool called a drill, which rotates them and provides torque and axial force to create the hole, also known as the "Forstner flange bit" or Webfoot auger, patented on Sept. 22, 1874 was to make him a rich man.

Without the lead screw (which Forstner called the "gimlet-point") and cutting lips of more conventional wood boring bits it would prove especially useful to gunsmiths like himself and other high-end woodworkers.

The bit was unsurpassed in drilling an exceedingly smooth-sided hole with a flat bottom. It was better than the Russell Jennings twist bits for boring at an angle and not following the grain of the wood.

Forstner eventually worked out licensing arrangements for the manufacture and sale of his bit by a number of companies, most notably two Connecticut firms: the Colt Firearms Company of Hartford and the Bridgeport Gun Implement Company, successors (in 1886) to the Union Metallic Cartridge Company.

Even today, the Forstner bit continues to be manufactured, although it has changed to a split-ring design. He also invented an electric motor.

What does a Forstner bit do?

Forstner, bits bore very precise flat-bottomed holes in wood, in any orientation with regardless of the position of the wood grain. They can cut on the edge to a block of wood and can also cut overlapping holes.

Because of the flat bottom to the hole they are useful for drilling through veneer already glued to add an inlay afterwards.

They require great force to push them into the material so best results use them in lathes or presses Conventiioal drills can be used will require a lot of force and a very high speed drill.

Not for use with hand tool again because of the high cutting speed required to cut.

The bit has a centre point which give a centre point start and guides it during the cut. The cylindrical cutting teeth around the perimeter cut the wood fibres at the edge of the bore. Each bit has two cutting edges.

The 3/8 inch shanks that fit almost most lathes, presses and drills

Please note the following

The case is provided to protect the goods when in transit. If the case arrives with damage and the item still works then no claim for damages can be made as the case has done it job.


• Type : Forstner Bit Set
• Max speed : 5,000 rpm
• Sizes : 6mm (1/4"), 10mm (3/8"), 13mm (1/2"), 16mm (5/8"),
• Sizes 1 : 19mm (3/4"), 22mm (7/8"), 25mm (1"), 29mm (1-1/8")
• Sizes 2 : 32mm (1-1/4"), 35mm (1-3/8"), 38mm (1-1/2"), 41mm
• Sizes 3 : (1-5/8"), 44mm (1-3/4"), 48mm (1-7/8"),
• Sizes 4 : 51mm (2") & 54mm (2-1/8")
• Storage : Wooden storage case
• Box Dimensions : H 17 cm x L 36 cm x D 7 cm

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