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Am-Tech 82mm Core Drill with 180mm SDS Shank AMF1212 *Out of Stock*



Am-Tech 82mm Core Drill with 180mm SDS Shank AMF1212 *Out of Stock*

Am-Tech 82mm Core Drill with 180mm SDS Shank - NEW

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SDS Fitting for cutting fast, clean holes in concrete, brick and aerated block, they have a 60mm cutting depth, also fitted with a pilot drill.

Suitable for drilling hard materials such as clay products, very hard concrete, bricks and light weight building materials.

How to use

Attach the bit to you drill and place the pilot drill in the centre of where you want to drill. Start slowly so the pilot drill can get a firm grip and keep dead centre. Once the core bit has cut into cutting surface to 1/8 of an inch remove it from the hole. Then remove the pilot drill as this has now done its job.

You then place the core bit into the hole and using high speed and low pressure will make very light work of cutting the hole.

When drilling, keep moving the bit in and out in the hole. Moving the core bit in and out of the hole is essential for removing the cuttings.

Job done. Simple as that.


• 82 mm Core
• 180 mm Shank with drill peice
• Heavy duty construction
• Hardened and tempered steel
• Ideal for drilling brick and blocks for vent pipe and drainage etc
• SDS shank with pilot drill included
• Hanging bracket

RRP - £35.99